Friday, February 25, 2011

Big Ugly Things – A Poem

I don’t know why I put this on facebook and not on my blog. I wrote this poem on November 27th 2010. This is my first poem in more than 10 years,I'm not much of a poet but my muse seemed to insist on it tonight. Under the circumstances of the new revolution, I sure hope it’s out of place

It’s a big ugly world

With big ugly words

And big ugly creatures

Roaming this earth

Big ugly men

With big ugly egos

They make big decisions

That come down to two zeroes

Big ugly buildings

And big ugly streets

Make a beautiful city

A big ugly freak

Ideas are born;

Big ugly babies

They fester and rot

Turn people to crazies

Women that work

And marry and die

Have big ugly fears

Sucking them dry

She has to work

A big ugly job

To prove to the world

She isn’t a flop

Her big ugly aunt

Is just big and ugly

Keeps telling her to quit

And find a good hubby

Who cares what they think

They’re stupid not ugly

But ugly they are

Yet freakishly touchy

They force their opinions

Big, stupid and ugly

And tell you to drop it

You’re being so ugly!

Those big ugly thinkers

With big ugly beards

And big ugly words

Maiming their pears

Big ugly children

That don’t know respect

And big ugly teachers

Who forgot how to spell

It’s a big ugly universe

Full of big ugly jokes

That aren’t even funny

Who cares, have a smoke!


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