Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do with Mubarak’s Carpets

A friend of mine challenged me to write a blog post about what we’re going to do with all the carpets with Mubarak’s face on them, hanging all over the country in public enterprises. At first I didn’t think much of it: “Walk on them of course!” I thought. Then I thought why not do a diversity exercise of all the things we really CAN do with the valuable resources that are the carpets!

1- Walk on them

2- The people in Tahrir could use them as blankets in the cold nights (I’m sure they’ll be really warm), but they’re going to have to wear them with his face on the inside to avoid getting beat up

3- Burn them as fuel instead of coal (or in barbeques)

4- Give them to the apprentice carpet makers to learn practice on

5- Cut them up into really tiny pieces and use each piece as a coaster so that we don’t ruin our desks with coffee

6- Cut them up into really tiny pieces and invent a carpet mosaic sort of thing where we can have a much cuter image instead

7- Save some of them and put them in prison cells to mentally and emotionally torture the prisoners

8- Use them in anger management classes; the patients can tear them up, beat them up, throw paintballs at them, and ruin them however they see fit in order to get the negative energy out

9- Recycle the wool; I’m sure a lot of people can get tons of clothes from all that fabric!

10- Start a new game: who can toss Mubarak the furthest where the winner is the one who tosses the carpet as far away as possible

11- Unweave them and create the world’s longest rope

(I’m running out of ideas but I’ll try to hit 15)

12- Wrap people inside them when they need to be smuggled in or out of a place

13- They should be distributed on all the people who couldn’t make it to Tahrir for the revolution so that the people can bring them down and get a feel of how one can bring down a tyrant (or a carpet of a tyrant)

14- Target practice!

15- For the housewives who know how to use “manfada”, I’m sure they’ll feel satisfied beating the hell out of a carpet for the old president, even if it isn’t dusty enough (I would enjoy seeing the face of Mubarak hanging out someone’s balcony and a woman beating the evil out of it)

Finally, I would like to say to Hoda who got me into this, this was NOT easy! But it was definitely fun Smile
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