Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons Learned from: Rework (the book)

I usually like to write my own thing but I think there is nothing wrong with learning a couple of things from reading. I’m not a big reader of non-fiction, I’ve even listened to the audio version of this book, not exactly read it. But it is SO good that' I’ve listened to it twice, and I implore every project manager to READ it! Maybe it’ll change their mentality about life as much as it did to me. I also implore all you wannabe entrepreneurs to read it, maybe you’ll do more than me and actually achieve what you want in life

Rework is a book written by some people from a Software Company called 37signals, which seems to be pretty successful. It’s only relationship to software is that it is written by people who actually practice it, and because in my opinion, managing software projects is like 24/7 crisis management! so those are the tough guys (mel a5er keda)!
These are my favorite quotes from the book, I think some are reworded by yours truly but I hope the idea is there. Make reading this count Winking smile

  • Other people’s mistakes are OTHER people’s mistakes
  • Learn from your successes not from your mistakes
  • Plans are GUESSES
  • Plans are inconsistent with improvisation
  • Plan small; this week not this year
  • Make decisions now when they’re needed, not 2 weeks in advance
  • Expansion is not a goal!
  • Workaholics make up for intellectual laziness with brute force!
  • Scratch your own itch
  • Write with the purpose of being read
  • A brilliant idea is just an idea until you start implementing
  • No time is no excuse
  • Don’t let yourself make excuses
  • The perfect time never arrives
  • Keep in mind why you’re doing what you’re doing as you grow
  • Inspiration = NOW!
Finally, my favorite:
  • Make a dent in the universe!

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