Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Life’s Soundtrack–All Bon Jovi All the Time!

I tell my friends that I can make a soundtrack for my life using only Bon Jovi songs. One of them dared me to tell her that soundtrack, and so I am telling her and the rest of the world how Bon Jovi’s songs can tell my life’s story:

Before 1997: When I was a happy child

Song: Thank you for loving me

1997: When my father died

Song: Seat Next to you

1998 – 2000: When I was bitter, lost, in denial, and an early teen

Song: These days

2001 – 2002: When I was a full-fledged teenager

Song: Runaway

2002: When I was deciding which track to study in highschool in order to get into the college I wanted

Song: It’s my life

2003 – 2004: when I lost my best friends… 3 times!

Song: Something for the pain

Song: What do you got?

2004 – 2006: when I was going through the first couple of years of college

Song: I’m complicated

2007 – 2008: when I thought I was in love

Song: I’d die for you

But it should have been

Song: Lie to me

2008: When my mom was sick

Song: Livin’ on a prayer

2009 – 2010: when I was engaged

Song: Right side of wrong

2010: When I decided to leave my job

Song: We weren’t born to follow

2010: When I was thinking of breaking off my engagement

Song: last cigarette

2010: when I finally broke off my engagement

Song: Have a nice day

2010: Right after I broke off my engagement

Song: Everybody’s broken

2010: (eventful year, I know) When my friends were there for me during and after the breakup

Song: Superman tonight

2011: when my best friend dumped me

Song: Happy now

Right now: When I don’t know how to even begin to categorize my life

Song: Save the world

Finally, whenever I feel like I need a pick me up

Song: Any other day


  I hope you’ve enjoyed the playlist and my life :-) Have a nice day!


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