Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Personal National Project

It seems that we’ve all been looking for a cause lately. We’ve been cooped up for so long that it seems only natural to want to get out there and do something for the sake of the country and for our sakes as well. We’re thirsty for that sense of achievement; doing something for the sake of doing something, achieving it and succeeding. Who can blame us? After all, we’ve had a revolution and we actually did what we set out to do. To have our own baby project, wouldn’t that be something?

I’m a person that loves coming up with ideas. I do it all the time, it’s a hobby of mine. I can’t say that I realize my ideas, not even half of the time. I just think them up, dream them up, so to speak, and forget them after a while. Sometimes I try to work them, I really try really hard, but something gets in the way, we can call that something life for simplicity’s sake. There’s always the job, the friends, the family thing, the bad grade, the depression, the curious case of Benjamin button. Am I sounding familiar to anyone? Yup, I thought so, that just sounds like too many of the people I know. Sorry if this strikes a chord you guys, but hear me out till the end.

We’ve established that coming up with an idea isn’t all that difficult. Sticking up to the idea when we believe in it isn’t all that difficult either, because we’re a very stubborn people and we stick to it. We just go about things the wrong way. I’m sure a lot of people already know what I’m about to say but maybe they need to hear it as much as I need to write it. We need to learn to deal with a few things before we get into something neck deep and not going through with it.

Firstly, we need to have an idea of what it is we want to do and how we’re going to get it done, or in other words, a mission and a vision. An idea needs to be supported by a statement that makes it clear to the team that’s acting upon it to actually know what they’re doing and why, not just because it’s nice.

The next point is to prepare, prepare, prepare. One must prepare oneself first; research and understand the idea and the vision and what it’s supposed to mean to the world, and what faculties the person should possess in order to be able to go through with the actions needed to have this idea come to life. Another form of preparation is creating a team. The team should be convinced with the idea, vision, and mission of the project, they should support one another and understand the level of commitment needed to be able to go through with it.

Once the vision is set in place and the team is well aware of it, it is time to start putting that vision into tasks that people take action based on. In other words, PLAN! Once a plan is set for how this idea can come to be a reality that we all care about, actions can actually be taken to the next steps of execution. Since I’ve been there a lot, plans don’t always get realized the way we want them to get realized. I think it goes for everything starting from chocolate cake and ending with products going to market. Risks pop up when we least need them, but without the risk there would be no fun really. Not funny, I know. However, risks are normal to happen and quite expected. We can predict some, and some take us by surprise. This is where we show our stubbornness in the face of our enemies and ourselves and fight for what we believe in. it’s okay to not meet a deadline once in a while as long as we don’t lose track of what we’re doing in the end, i.e. we need to keep the vision alive!

Finally, we need to maintain the idea and the progress. Maintenance is probably more important than the actual work since whole projects have died after they’ve achieved their initial success. Creativity should always be used in order to come up with the workarounds needed to get through a bump in the road, or to go over one huge boulder. Once all the rough patches have been worked out, a system should be put in place in order to continue with the project and have it grow to be what we want it to be. The last tip I'd like to give is that we need to keep up the energy and the positivity because everyone and everything around us are working to put us down, and if it's not so, this is how we perceive life; as a series of obstacles meant to hinder our progress, something we should not let happen!

Of course, I haven’t said anything new, I know that! So what do I really want to say? i want to say that it’s so very funny that even though we know all the above, we don’t do it in our basic day to day lives. It’s okay to be spontaneous while living, it’s amazing in fact and quite fun. But we just need to work on ourselves first to get out projects out there in the open and have them grow into the successes they were meant to be. To be able to achieve something, and taste that win, we need to be ready for it first. Let’s work on ourselves as people then we move on to the national projects we want to create so badly. God Bless!

والله الموفق والمستعان

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