Saturday, September 3, 2011


Smile! :) The past is behind us.
Smile! :) The weather's good, and if it isn't there's air conditioning, and if it's cold there's hot chocolate.
Smile! :) It's sunnah and sadaka!
Smile! :) It's a funny movie.
Smile! :) Chocolate makes us happy.
Smile! :) At any point in time, someone is going to be there when you need them, even if it's a guardian angel that makes you hear a joke by accident on the bus when the world seems as tiny, tight, and hot as the bus is on midday.
Smile! :) It actually makes us look prettier.
Smile! :) You'll make someone else smile, it's contagious.
Smile! :) Read Mickey magazine
Smile! :) There is always a beautiful scene out there, you just have to find the beauty in everything.
Smile! :) The kids are playing in their colorful clothes and fearless endeavors to go down that slide!
Smile! :) There is always that little sense of achievement when you solve a Sudoku puzzle or Rubik's cube.
Smile! :) Have a good cup of coffee and listen to the Beatles in the morning
Smile! :) And dance in the rain!
Smile! :) Remember the day you learned to ride a bike, play chess, swim in the deep, or scored your first goal.
Smile! :) School's out in the summer.
Smile! :) You have a cool gadget (mine's an iPad)
Smile! :) Your family loves you (I promise)
Smile! :) The world has books!
Smile! :) There is one amazing book called Quran that actually makes you feel so very serene when you read it.
Smile! :) God will always answer your prayers in the right way, not necessarily your way.
Smile! :) Friends are great!
Smile! :) It makes you look mysterious ;)
Smile! :) It'll spite someone you don't like.
Smile! :) And the world will smile back!
For God’s sake if you still haven’t smiled, pretty please smile for my sake :)

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