Monday, May 21, 2012

Think Happy Thoughts :)

Coherent thought.. The blessing of the human race. We are the superior beings on this planet, or so we believe, and we are because of precisely that; we think, we believe. We start off with a few ideas, then we question creation and our existence. Some believe they are made to be mathematicians, some tinkerers, some poets, and some politicians, all thinkers, to each their own weird little minds.
The mind is truly an amazing piece of work, it creates it's very own chain reaction, all it needs is a spark, the light bulb above the head of every cartoon inventor, the muse behind every musician and poet, and maybe just an inspired curse word that just triggers all the right emotions. And the mind, hungry little thing, greedy little thing, starts to follow that chain, whose end we never see coming, just following the chain. We tug harder with every achievement, every thought, every little piece of work we do in that direction, and a bigger idea comes up. The sky is the limit brothers, do I hear hallelujah!!
*SLAP* reality check! This works just as well as my latest story is coming along, which means it’s not working, maybe for some, the very few, but not everyone. I'm not a downer, honest I'm not! Well maybe just a little, but here's the deal, I'm not THE downer, I'm just pointing out some facts.
The fact is the mind is indeed a greedy little thing, never ceases to amaze me, but what it really feeds on is the negativity. There was this photo that tons of my friends shared on Facebook a while back. It said: "I think too much and then put myself in a bad mood!" and I related tremendously, so did everyone else apparently. Our greedy little minds feed on those thoughts, like the trail of crumbs, it keeps eating and eating until by the time it get to the witch's house, it's too fat with despair, and the witch – depression, emotional breakdowns, mental breakdowns, schizophrenia, take your pick – is waiting right there for the greedy little mind, fat and exhausted with all the downers to have a decent thought that even resembles a burnt out candle. No light bulbs and definitely no muses anymore, muses are attracted to those who woo them with beautiful ideas, they are NOT shrinks!
Have I got you all down yet? D you feel hopeless and desperate and that there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Did I at least get you to stop eating the crumbs and sit down in the dark creepy woods crying your heart out? If I did I am truly sorry, and if I didn't, good for you, keep the faith because yes indeed the solution is easier than you think and you may have already guessed it. Wait for it, think happy thoughts!
Simple? It really couldn't get any simpler! How hard could thinking happy thoughts be?? It's exactly like eating whole wheat and diet food and cutting off chocolate for the rest of your life, and don't forget to exercise! Except it really is way easier than dieting! Happy thought: remember that baby you saw in a stroller the other day staring at you in awe and you just couldn't help but make silly faces at it? Remember that joke you heard a few days ago that was just so amazingly stupid that you laughed your heart out even though it wasn't that funny to begin with? Think of driving home on a Thursday afternoon and the moment you park your car at your house, you're just so incredibly relieved you are not going to work tomorrow and whatever you left behind is behind you. See that old photo with your siblings that seems like a gazillion years ago when the world wasn't heavy on our shoulders. Fresh cupcakes, Swiss chocolate, Mom cooking your favorite meal, you doing something impressive at work and someone looks at you like "I can't believe you thought that out".. The last exam you aced, your pregnant friend with this cute swollen belly and you actually know there is a little human being growing in there, and that look of pride on her face.. A day of good weather in this God forsaken country! Your best friend, your weird cousin, your favorite book, your old toys, not to mention the toy stores, now that is an especially favorite happy thought.. Your favorite place by the sea.. The rain.. A good piece of music.. A hilarious joke that made everyone laugh.. Your quirky friend throwing you a surprise birthday.. Your new Walkman (new then).. Your new iPad.. My new book.. Are they rolling in yet?
Not yet? You're a tough nut to crack! Ice cream!! Shopping.. Girl talk.. Karaoke.. Sleep over.. Pool fight.. A total stranger smiling at you (no nasty thoughts, just good people).. The friend who is there when you need them even when you don't say.. The friend who kicks your ass because you are not there for them.. Intelligent conversation.. Old people (they can be pretty funny).. Long walk.. Good coffee.. Coffee and cigarettes if you smoke.. Molokheya.. Comics.. Revolution.. Long hot bath.. Good news.. The words I love you.. Weddings.. Teddy bears.. More books... Meeting a celebrity.. A distant acquaintance asking about you.. When you tripped over your shoe laces.. The boy who caught the ball before it hit you dead in the face.. Losing weight.. Gaining weight.. Getting puffed up (just for boys).. Greeting cards.. Flowers.. People think you're smart.. Ramadan.. Europe.. Sokhna trip... Etc.
Funny we never let ourselves follow that trail or pull on that chain of happy thoughts. Shit happens, lots of it, and it always gets worse, and it just always always happens! Any good mom would tell you that shit washes away though, doesn't mean we should kill the baby! So keep the baby, wash away the shit, and remember that you're perfect, God makes no mistakes, in the words of the great and eminent Bon Jovi. Enjoy the song :)

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  1. nice one ya Dina..there's a lot of scientific prove that looking at the negative is something hard wired in our brains from our early ancestors because they needed to always be ready for different dangers to be able to survive, so that's why it's much easier to think in a negative way than a positive one

    but the mind is like anything else it can be trained, actually being positive is more of a skill acquired than anything else, imagine if you read your list of keywords that generates positive memories everyday first thing in the morning you will definitely kick the witch in the face :)

    1. That is a great idea ya Saher.. thanks for your feedback :)