Monday, February 21, 2011

A Tribute to My Best Friends (2)

Nehal – nounou
It’s funny how some people seem to have eternal souls, or maybe it’s eternal chemistry. I’ve known Nehal since 2nd primary. We were sitting in adjacent desks and we both couldn’t stand the people next to us in the desks so we ended up switching. No that was not when we became best friends; we became best friends in 5th primary mind you! I have to admit, I could not STAND her at first for some reason, really couldn’t, and all of a sudden we’re inseparable!

Nehal and I got history. We’ve had this on-off relationship ever since 1st prep. I even remember Mme. Lorrice (I don’t think I got the spelling right but I doubt she’s reading this) interfered to fix one of our fights. We still wrote the best English literature essays together, and had the best chemistry no matter what. She went off to IGCSE and left me to suffer through Thanaweya Amma for the three secondary years, then she went off to med school and I guess I left her to suffer there for, well, up till now Smile

Throughout our 15 years of friendship, no wait! I have to pause here. FIFTEEN YEARS!!! I cannot even imagine that number, I’ve barely kept close friends around for more than 3 years at most. This fact alone speaks for how in sync we are. I don’t think we ever felt really distant at any point of these times. Nehal was always there when I needed her (except when she was taking her med exams :P) and I hope I was always there when she needed me. And if we’ve hung on for this long, we’re probably doing something right for each other! I think that right something is that we’re both honest, we say what we think is right and what we hope is best. We know that BSing each other would probably mean our doom. And in my humble opinion, the absolute worst thing about girl friends (and let’s face it, some guy friends too) is the BS. Do we do and say things that hurt? Yes of course we do... ALL the time! Does it hurt us? Absolutely not!

Nehal is (this is the good part, or bad part not sure :P) strong and tough, she defines: what does not kill you only makes you stronger. She’s honest and a bit harsh sometimes. She can even get scary! But by all means she’s the sweetest girl ever on the inside, the trick is reaching that inside. She may not seem empathic enough because she’s practical, but in my weakest moments, she has been my strongest supporter. She can get annoyingly fair sometimes, no matter who I am Smile. She’s the easiest person to get angry and the fastest person to get un-angry. I’ve told her this once and now I’m telling the world, talking to her is like talking to myself in the mirror, and having it answer back with what you know is right but would never admit. She has the sweetest laugh and the prettiest eyes, and I think her fiancĂ© would agree to that (wink wink). She is like an arrow that aims true, but it definitely takes her a lot of time to finally separate herself from the bow, which is just a long way to say she’s indecisive but once she makes the decision, Beware World! She’s always been funny but I think that’s a secret just between her and me. She gets easily overwhelmed and loses track of everything when something is stressing her out, but a nudge is usually enough to get her back to the world of the living. She lets her fears get the best of her sometimes but a little patience will get her, and me, through it. At the end of the day, I can’t even imagine her not around for the rest of my life, even though we don’t talk 5 hours a day 8 days a week, we can stay out of touch for a month or more even, but we’re never strangers and we will never be isA. Finally, she’s probably the best writer in the world but she’s a bit (a lot) out of practice, and I am her biggest fan. I think her engagement day was the happiest day of my life; I danced like I never did and probably like I never will and made a total fool of myself, but hey it was fun, anything for my nounou ;)

It’s also important to talk about her adorable fiancĂ©, Ahmed Hussein, who has agreed to meet me before he got the final OK from her, knowing that he was probably attending the most important oral exam of his life, which was really brave of him :P he’s well-read and funny and it is so lovely how he loves my best friend, which makes it so annoying how she loves him so much but isn’t convinced it’s ever enough. He’s also got the best sense of humor I’ve seen so far (ya Rab dayman), so I guess he qualifies as “pretty good for a doctor”. His presence just made hanging out with Nehal more fun, whether it’s because he’s actually there or because we’re talking about him. I don’t think I could have ever wished for a better brother in law. I wish him patience and wish her laughs from the heart and I wish them both all the happiness they can have without going INSANELY HAPPY! (Although that doesn’t sound like such a bad option)

At the end of the day, she’s there to keep me sane when I go absolutely crazy, and I’m there to laugh her out of a tough situation (although I’m competing with Ahmed Hussein over that now), and I don’t think I would have it any other way. Oh, I love you nounou very very much :)

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