Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The “On The Run” Experience–Saba7 El Foll

Last year, I made the unfortunate decision of doing my masters degree. Yes, I know, stupid of me to even consider it after losing faith in the entire educational system, but I did it. The classes started at 3 pm. I lived and worked in Maadi and had to be at Cairo University at 3 pm 2 days a week, which means I had to be at work at 7 am, stay there till 2:30 pm, drive off to college and probably arrive a bit late, then get back home during rush hour to catch up on the work I’ve missed because of having to leave in the middle of the working day. This also means that I had to spend the 7.5 hours of work glued to my seat in front of a computer screen WORKING!

So there I was on one of those tough days when I had to wake up at 5:30 am after spending a night shift of working with only a couple of hours of sleep, getting dressed and out to work which was going horribly wrong, then college where I had to do a presentation that I did not complete and was not ready for in a topic that I don’t completely understand, then get back home to go on working. I think it’s clear that to say I was cranky would be the understatement of the century!

on-the-run (1)

I decided to go for coffee at On The Run, it’s right between home and work and I need to get my eyes open or else all is lost. I park the car and walk in, hoping that the people there don’t think I’m a crazy person; I must have looked like hell with all the exhaustion and anger at how my life is turning out. They’re playing a nice beatles song. I walk up to the guy that makes coffee and he’s got this adorable smile on his face (no I am definitely NOT flirting with the coffee guy!) and he’s saying “good morning, how are you today? What can I get you?” I’m already feeling the stress seeping out of me, I smile back and tell him I want a large cappuccino with Irish cream flavor (my all time favorite coffee drink), so he prepares it as I listen to the beatles. He hands me the coffee with the cute heart drawn in the foam, and a free chocolate bar as promo, the smile never leaves his face as he tells me to have a nice day.

So I get to start my day with:

  1. Nice people
  2. A smile
  3. The beatles tunes
  4. GREAT coffee
  5. A chocolate bar

This just might turn out to be a good day after all, I thought. But I honestly cannot remember if it did or not. In all cases, it was a fantastic Esteba7a, Thank you On The Run Smile


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  1. wow i like a lot :) may you always start and end each day with a smile on your face (k)

  2. i'm glad you liked it, i hope it made you smile :)
    may you smile always... be happy (K)