Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Special Birthday Tribute–Marwa Moharram

My first ever interaction with Marwa was when I heard her giving English lessons to the rest of her team; word of the day. I thought it was strange and sort of fake; normal people didn’t do that! Marwa isn’t a normal person of course which is why she became on the top of my “absolutely adore” list. I don’t really remember how we got to know each other, I think Ragia was the one who introduced us. So there she was, the tall skinny girl with the long braid and great smile, finally my friend.

First of all, I’m writing this on the occasion of Marwa’s birthday, Happy Birthdaaaaaaay! I just need to note that Marwa may have added a year to her age but she is the youngest person I know; if anyone refuses to grow up successfully while not being an idiot, it’s her. She has the spirit of an eight year old, starting from how everything in life is awe inspiring, how laughing is the cure for everything, and how so adorably cute she gets, to how easily it is to get her to not be mad at you anymore – of course her getting mad also happens in a very eight-year-old way.

Second of all, I should have written this the moment her evil husband decided to ship her off the UK with him (sorry but he really is evil for taking my best friend away!), for some reason I didn’t. I discovered a more amazing Marwa after she went away; a friend who manages to still care for everyone thousands of miles away. I don’t know how she does it, but she is definitely “awesome,” she has proved over and over and over again that if I ever need a friend, she’s it! she has had a series of unfortunate events that started ever since she went to live in Reading, and haven’t ended yet apparently; the girl is very accident prone! But as horrible as that all is, she still managed to laugh, smile, joke, be nice, sweet, and friendly, with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE!

Third of all, I just want to admit that no matter what I say, it will never be enough to describe the amazing girl that she really is, partly because there are sides to her I am sure I haven’t seen yet, and more importantly, because words fail to describe people like her.

Marwa and me, the sweetest person ever.. and Walaa in the background :D

Here are a couple of things that everyone needs to know about Marwa. She’s bright, cheerful, optimistic, happy even in her darkest moments, she has a spirit of a bumblebee, and her heart is probably as big as a whale’s! she is one of the most intelligent people I know, dedicated, loving, passionate, compassionate, and simply adorable. She lets go of the bad stuff even though she’s seen tons of them, she has a knack for making people happy, which she is quite talented at, and is great with kids. She has excellent taste in everything in the world, from music to clothes to friends (which explains me of course). She is a coffee addict, she is THE expert on relationship advice, and she can kick life in the tushy whenever she feels like it. she has no slang Arabic repository that makes me look like I’ve been living in the streets all my life, not that I mind in the least; calls for a few laughs which she takes heartily and we spend hours laughing at each other. And, she goes through the highest number of mishaps that I have ever seen a single person going through, literally!

On my birthday, she went out of her way, a lot, to make me a birthday that wasn’t a bad memory, and it was and always will be my best birthday ever, and I will always remember her and say a little prayer for her every time I see something relating to friends, how I met your mother, or the muppet show. I am lucky to have met her and unlucky that she had to go to the ends of the earth (just UK but I have to mind the dramatic effect) in less than a year. Oh well, she’s bound to come back ;)


Our favorite song :)

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  1. My God Dooda...i know i say i am speechless a lot...but seriously...no one ever wrote a column about me ....it made me cryyy....how very very sweet!! i really really miss you!! I cannot believe you did that!! this has got to be the best birthday present ever! Thank you!!! so much!! you really made my day!

    My god i can't believe you did that!

    1. you deserve the very best and this is just something so that the world (or the 20 people who will read this) would know how amazing you are and how much I love you :)