Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Tribute to My Best Friends (1)

Ahmed Mostafa – Ahmed Hussein – Ahmed Aboul Makarem – Einiz – Eini – Lofty – plain old Ahmed :)
I decided since my friends are such an integral part of my life that I should tribute each of them to tell them how much they mean to me, now and forever after. And if for some reason we do not continue to be friends, at least I will still have showed them how much they mean to me now, which in my opinion is duly deserved. I tried to write about friends before but it was in the general context, so this is me saying: let’s get specific!

The first person I decided to “tribute” is Ahmed Mostafa Mohamed Hussein Aboul Makarem. Yes this is his full name because almost every segment of it has been used throughout his life, to the extent that when I introduced him to some of my other friends, they got confused as to what his name actually is! The reason he is first is because he one of the oldest and closest friends I have, and because he’s actually been nagging me to write this for a very long time now. So Eini, here you go :)

The first thing that comes to mind about Eini is that he is my go-to guy. I call him at any time, any place, even when we weren’t that close, and he listens. Whenever I have a crisis, he is the first person I go to. I trust him blindly because I know he will never pull a horrible stunt, although to be perfectly honest and to use a term which was used about me before, his words can take a 3D shape sometimes, which means he can be so blunt as to say things that hurt me in the core. They are unfortunately true but no one wants their dirty laundry to be so openly discussed by anyone, even a close friend. To him, I am transparent, he knows when I lie, or hide the truth. He can feel if I’m upset from the first “alo”. These are all motives for me not to even consider lying or hiding things from him, which is a relief in a twisted sort of way. He offers the perfect solutions to any problem I have, while showing empathy and kindness. He is always willing to help and I believe if I ask him to go through great lengths for me, he would. He even understands that sometimes I don’t need a solution, I just need comforting which he offers very very well, and this makes me appreciate him even more than I would anyone else.

Eini is funny! He makes me laugh and we can joke about anything. I remember once I told him tell me a bedtime story, and instead of making a joke, he actually told me a bed time story and I have to admit it was a very good bed time story (thanks to Eini’s mom I guess). And even when he makes fun of me, I don’t care, I like it. So he’s not a standup comedian, but he’s funny enough for me without being too pretentious.

One of his most important aspects is that he is very very incredibly extremely (touch wood, msA) smart. He is so smart it’s annoying sometimes! He is well read and cultured, knows a bit about anything and everything (except girly stuff, I put him in a corner there a couple of times). We can jump from one topic to another in a conversation so smoothly we don’t even feel it. I remember once we traced through about 5 topics within 15 minutes I think, maybe even less. And it was so much fun because we’re both so easily bored. Unfortunately, we can talk about important and deep topics to the extent that after 3 hours of this stuff, my head hurts BADLY! This is actually an argument that I tell everyone who says “you guys should hook up together”. Disregarding the fact that we really consider each other siblings with an even stronger bond and are in no way attracted to each other, it would be way too exhausting to live with him, so people please shut up about that, thank you very much :) It’s still always great to talk to him in a very brainy conversation, I just have to prepare the caffeine to be able to hold up.

Another very important aspect although it could be added as a side note is that he appreciates my T-shirt with the E=mc2 equation, which is a very fun fact (that goes to all you people who don’t like it!)

I am going to say one more thing but that would be far from the end of it because that guy is all about layers. He is so deep to the extent that I believe for someone to hook up with him, she will have to dig so deep so as to be able to really win him. The last thing is that he grounds me. I can so easily feel dismayed, lost, and so horribly confused. When I talk to him, I feel like I know who I am and what my values and standards really are. He is like the lens that I can truly see myself through, not distorted, not confused, with everything in place, even the bad things. I don’t think I ever met anyone who has this effect on me except maybe my dad, who doesn’t count because he died when I was too little. If it isn’t for him, I won’t ever be able to survive dealing with my own self (or set of selves to be precise).

So Eini, I hope you’ll always be there, and I think you will be. I would tell you thank you but I know you don’t even consider dealing with all my crap a chore. May you always be my friend :)

P.S. I almost forgot to add, he has ridiculously big ears that at one point I could not stop laughing at him! (see fig. 1)

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