Monday, November 22, 2010

The geeky T-shirt

I was out shopping a few days ago and I saw a T-shirt that I just HAD to buy! In my opinion, It represented a lot fo what I stand for, which is the bookish, geeky, yet interesting and funny type of person (at least I hope I do, please don’t burst my bubble). It looked cute, made me smile, made the people who noticed what it says smile, and it had a very profound message to all mankind.

The message is this:

E = MC2  

The T-shirt has “THE GEEK SQUAD” written across it. Not only that, but it was written with scrabble letter blocks; the ones with numbers to represent the scores. So I guess the T-shirt’s total score is 28 (this is me ba2lesh, ha ha I know :P ). And it has the above equation written inside of an old tube TV with antennas. Apparently the only people who found it interesting though where the ones that have my sad engineering background, even though physics is universal! Yes, sad but true, some people did not like my T-shirt :(
On a more serious note, I think this T-shirt sends out a really nice message; Be proud of who you are, share it with the world. if I am a geek, I’m proud of being a geek. I’m proud of knowing more things than some other people. I am proud of being able to think differently, or dare I say, more profoundly than some. If my interests are by some way shown to be boring to someone else, why should I really care?

This is a very high-school-ish message and it has been dealt with over and over in movies and in young adult books. But I think there will always be that part in us that will be afraid to be laughed at if we say something strange, and that other part which is always afraid to be judged. So if it happens that you, dear reader, is faced with such situations, please remember my T-shirt. I will always admit it:

I am a geek!

Did you like this?

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  1. i have to second you
    if(i am a geek)
    i am proud of being so;
    i wish i was one;