Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Brother's Getting married!!!

My brother is getting married! This is a very bitter sweet thing for me. I am definitely happy for him and I love his wife to be, but it will still be a transition in my life as well as his. And since I’m having a lot of mixed feelings, I decided to bug you readers about it too (why should it be only me who’s bugged?) so here’s the deal.

The good thing about my brother getting married is the following. First and foremost, he’s going to be happy, which means I’ll be happy for him. I won’t have to hear his alarm every morning which rings around the same time as mine but always rings while I’m snoozing. I won’t have to wait for him to be done with the bathroom in the morning. And I won’t have to wait for an hour or 2 in the case of him showering before me so that the water heater fills up again. He won’t be there to tease me all the time, which seems to be his favorite hobby. He won’t run downloads that take up all the friggin’ bandwidth. We’ll get to eat normal stuff normal people eat for lunch like fish and koshary which we don’t eat usually since he doesn’t like most foods. Finally and most importantly, he will not barge in on me in my room since he always always forgets to knock. I’m sure if I give some more thought to it, I’ll find out more benefits that come from him, finally after 28 years of anticipation, leaving the house. I wish I could say that the house spending will be reduced but since he practically doesn’t eat, that won’t happen!
On the other hand, there are unfortunately bad things about him leaving. I’ll have to buy the groceries instead. My mom will be depressed that he left and we’ll have so much negative energy in the house (although to be perfectly honest, the woman seems to be handling it quite nicely, I’m the one spreading all the negativity). We won’t have an excuse to have nutella around since I’m not allowed to eat it and he eats it every day. He won’t be around to fix the car when something happens, and in the cases of accidents. My mom, since she likes to sleep early, will want me home by 8 pm now that she’ll have to wait for me to go to sleep and he won’t be around to wait instead. My mom, having no one else to worry about, will worry double now that it’s just me. This is a problem since her normal worrying is equal to 5 times the worry threshold of other mothers. Of course I’ll have to pay the internet bill from now on. The most annoying thing is that now when I want to see him, I’ll have to call him and tell him “I miss you, please come visit” which is something I cannot even imagine doing in the first place!
Now that I got all the positive and negative energy out, all I can say is, I wish he has a cute naughty little girl that would be just adorable and love me and take up after me (in the naughtiness and the curiosity of course). This will be the only case when I will be able to forgive him going away.. same3 ya moody!!!!!!!
Love you bro J

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  1. I have to say that being the wife to be is not easy as I thought...I just thought to comment on some of your points, Express my feelings and thoughts too...
    I have to admit that I am so happy that I will be beside the one I truly love after lots and tones of obstacles that we faced but finally here we are. I am also happy that we will start the creation of a new small family with your help and I mean by your both families...
    Thanks for the tip of the bathroom as I think we should separate ours :P
    Don't think that he will stop teasing you but he will enjoy doing this for both of us :D
    Also don't ever dream that he will stop the download but we will use your DSL to download what we want to watch hahahhahahaa :P:D
    Also I am sure that you will miss him openning your door without knocking as I guess this was so nice...:)
    Let's check your negative part; I have to highlight the most important point:
    I don't think you will have to call and say I miss you bro as we will not give you that space and if we did you just have to knock our door and visit your sis and bro(ya 2olla) we are not going to iraq it is just eltagamo3:P
    Also Moody will always be there for you, he will fix your car, be arround… as he just added me to his to do list without deleting or replacing any of it:d
    You don't have to worry my dear it is a transition to all of us and I will keep eating fish and koshary as I really love them but in restaurants and the good part is that I am not supposed to learn how to cook them:D:D...
    I am pretty sure that I am not as good as you in writing but I just tried to comment:)
    Love you all my dear (K)