Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I was discussing a movie with a friend. It’s called Ruby Sparks(a must watch by the way), and according to my very brief one-liner on the plot, my friend said that he, the main character, was f*cked.

As a rule, all movie and book characters are in fact f*cked. If they weren’t on the inside, the world was definitely doing it for them. That’s what all fiction is about, isn’t it? And since art imitates reality, the insightful thought of the day is that we are all f*cked!

I’m sorry, are you offended? If you are, then please, by all means, stop reading this obscene and pretentious piece of writing, done by a f*cked person who is stereotyping the world. But first let me ask you something, and I do ask of you, dear reader, to keep an open mind. Do you know anyone, anyone at all, who is not f*cked?

I don’t. Everyone I know is f*cked, everyone I’ve ever known is f*cked. F*cked is the new norm. F*cked is the new black. Even those people who have no depth to them and seem to live a 2D life that satisfies only the very basic needs of survival are f*cked in their own shallow insignificant way.

Isn’t f*cked what we look for in a relationship? Every girl is looking to save a man from his wayward self and every guy looking to be the hero who saves the damsel in distress or the princess that’s locked up in her ivory tower. That is f*cked up in its own special twisted way! But we’re not here to discuss individual ideas but more the entirety of the situation of people in the world. Actually, we’re not here to even do that, we’re here to note an observation.

We’re all f*cked at work, no one does what they want because the corporate takes over, and the basic needs, and the money, and the family, and even the traffic.

We’re f*cked at home because people aren’t perfect and we're always expecting them to meet unrealistic expectations. We’re f*cked in relationships because all women want men to read their minds and all men want women to leave them alone.

So now that we’ve established the fact of how everyone is so messed up… I mean f*cked! It can’t be a bad thing really. It should be a motive for us to accept the fact and move on, live our lives with the knowledge of how f*cked we are, and simply be at peace with ourselves and the world.

Bye now.

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  1. Interesting piece Dina.. Even though there's a lot of truth to it.. But perhaps I disagree on the ending perception... But yet it's quite insightful to also put it out in the open.. Many people would rather live in denial than admit they are fucked.. Sorry am not going to use the * like you did , since I didn't really see the significance of it :) But overall I find this piece to be very enlightening from various aspects.. Thanks for posting this.. I really enjoyed it even though it's not one of your regular length pieces.. But thanks none the less