Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reply to Salonat

By Nehal Bassiouny

My Best Friend Nehal wrote this as a reply to my post: What Happens in the Salon Stays in the Salon. So I’m waiting for your comments on that one Smile

“This is the first thing i write since forever:)It was inspired by my dear and oldest friend Dina El Maamoun:) i hope you like it or at least dont hate it too much:) your comments are welcome:)

First of all,you  must all know that this  is not based on any personal experience..i ve never been in a ‘salonat’ situation up till now(el7)..and I m sure it is hard at least at first..i also know that it would be especially hard for someone like me..i would be very shy and you just know how I get when I am shy and I don’t feel comfortable:)

For some of you girls out there, I guess the problem is that  you are just afraid..afraid of being rejected..that is why you feel it is degrading..i know it is hard but I want us to try and think of it in a completely different way..first of all,we must have more selfconfidence..take it with the guy with no worries..dont think wether he will like you or not..just see if you both like each other..if you both click together or not..if this happens well and good..if not,I know it is hard, but don’t dwell over it and feel rejected and angry..just believe there is nothing wrong with you..we just are not right for each other..we didn’t click..we were not a match made in heaven..think that if you have the right to refuse to continue meeting someone, even if he is good, just coz u didn’t like him that much or coz he is not your style..he has the right to do that too! we don’t like it n it is degrading if you want to put it that way but nothing comes easy..and that is a risk we have to take..and if you just think about it, we get rejected a lot from ppl that we know and even like or have a crush on..

As for the biggest concern some of u may have, which is not being able to see his true nature coz you will both be showing your best sides and putting an act up..i think that would only be true in the first date or first couple of dates..after that u start knowing each other better and feeling more comfortable and confident and start acting normal..if this doesnt happen u wont continue seeing the guy coz u ll just know he is a fake..n believe me u ll know..u wont feel anything towards him at all coz u cant seem to get to know him well with his act on..i know u may think that he may be a very good actor..well..i think there is a bigger chance that u fall for a very good actor u meet in ur everyday life..probably coz u like him or have a crush on salonat case..u dont know the guy so u have ur gaurds on..i m against ‘tals2a’ wether salonat or not..i m with being engaged as long as it takes u to be 100% sure that u re both right for each other..n if u think abt it many salonat marriages are much better n solid than marriages based on love these least u wont fall for some1 who is completely wrong for u in every other way..and come to think abt it..when we meet some1 we like..first we think with our minds if he is suitable or not..if he is socially and financially compatible..u spend alot of time n effort trying to create chances to meet the guy or just talk(and as u get older time is precious u know..n u start settling for less:s) then u may reach a dead end and get depressed for quite some salonat..u know u re compatible from the beginning n u have the chance to see each other and talk freely in order to see if u ll just like each other as husband and wife..

And Y do u assume that a man who proposes to u salonat style has no social life w ‘ebn omoh’like they say?! In that same way of thinking, that makes a girl who accepts to meet with him salonat style’m3nsa; and no one in her surroundings wants her! Y don’t u think that he just may not ve found the right or lets say the suitable one in his surroundings and that he is open to seening new ppl?! Some1 his mom asked about and knows is very good..this is flattering in a way if u think of it that wayJ

just accept that u re just afraid of trying something like that..and that you re making this much bigger than it really is..anyway..kol shee2 nseeb..and when the right guy comes..he will like u just the way u re..he would love the way u don’t pretend to be some1 else..he will c right through u..he will c how funny u are..then u would like him too.. J rbna ywf2na gmee3an isa..i feel that we will create grp’ 3wanes’  after this post:D lol”


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