Friday, December 30, 2011


2011 is a year of revolution. 2012 will also be a year of revolution God willing, and hopefully will be the year where the revolution succeeds and we as Egyptians get back our rights.

Our revolution is powerful, from its first day the Egyptians had a strong voice, one voice, the voice of justice and peace, the voice of the brave. Their chants rocked Egypt and rocked the throne of the Egyptian president until he fled. it starts with one brave chant, and then rocks the ground beneath our feet.

At first I was just an observer, watching silently, chanting with my heart maybe. I felt the strong voice beat inside my chest, synonymous with my heartbeat, and I was grateful to be there.

In a few minutes, I was chanting with them, the way I sang the national anthem at school; quiet and to myself, in a voice I use for casual conversation, barely hearing myself, not even sure if I’m speaking or just moving my lips.

The next line, I speak out loud. I’m sure I spoke the words, but my voice is still drowned in the crowd. Pausing, waiting for the lightning bolt to strike me, nothing happens. I feel empowered, a little braver.

Louder! I can hear my own voice, and the people around me can hear me. A female voice in the powerful voice of the mass, I am a part of this community that decided to revolt, no longer an observer, no longer a tourist. I belong to this country and I will speak up for it.

Chanting, Chanting! I am no longer me, I am no longer lonely. I am the revolution, I am the crowd. I am the passion and I am the energy. When I hear the chanting I can’t distinguish my voice any longer. We are one, and I am there!

Finally, peace!

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